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Over the years, I’ve written literally thousands of articles and blog posts. Last time I checked, there are over 1,000 blog posts here on my blog. And yes, I’ve written them all. But I’ve also penned quite a few marketing, SEO, and domain name articles, as well. I wouldn’t consider them to be “blog posts” per se. Blog posts typically have a shelf-life, and after a certain period of time they aren’t relevant anymore.

Here’s a list of the articles I’ve written. Looking for something in particular on a certain topic related to website marketing, SEO, or domain names? Most likely I’ve written it and it’s in this list. If not, contact me and I’ll be happy to help. Looking for monthly SEO services? Well, I can help with that, too. I happen to know a little (or a lot!!!) about SEO, and would be happy to speak with you about your website and help you on a monthly, ongoing, basis.

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Ongoing Monthly SEO Services and SEO Consulting

While Hartzer Consulting specializes in technical SEO audits of websites, we also provide SEO consulting services, on a retainer basis. We always prefer to begin all new projects with a technical SEO audit to find out the issues that need to be addressed. Contact us today to find out more about our monthly SEO services and how we can help you reach the goals for your website.

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