Mini SEO Audit

Mini SEO audits are a shortened version of the technical SEO audit. While they include many of the tasks a technical SEO audit will include, the mini SEO audit doesn’t go into much detail of what exactly is causing an issue and how it should be implemented or fixed/changed. The goal of the mini SEO audit is to uncover the issues that will the biggest impact on search engine rankings, traffic, and completing the website’s overall goals. It needs to be completed by an SEO expert, as well.

SEO Deliverables

There are several SEO Deliverables, but typically not as many than a technical SEO audit. The mini SEO audit includes a written document, as well as spreadsheets that support findings of the audit.

What I recommend is that you first run an SEO audit using the tool below, for one page of your website. Then, if you have questions, get in touch with me:

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