Combine Websites – SEO Services

When two websites are combined into one (when one business buys or merges with another), typically this means one website is combined into the other website or a new website is created and two websites are moved into one new website. This is very similar to a website move and a website redesign, and the tasks required by Bill Hartzer are very similar. Bill Hartzer should be involved throughout the whole entire process.

SEO Deliverables

Typically, during the combining of the websites, many tasks are involved:

  • Website crawl of the current websites to make a list of content, meta data, and redirects.
  • Review of plan to add, remove, or change current web pages and content.
  • Audit of the new website before the new website goes live.
  • Make a List of changes to implement before the website goes live.
  • Ensure proper redirects are in place.
  • Review and crawl of website after the new website goes live.

This is just the beginning–when you combine websites into one website, monthly SEO services are needed to follow up and make sure the site migration went smoothly.