SEO and Domain Name Expert Witness

SEO Expert Witness

With over 20 years of experience in the SEO, internet marketing, and domain name industries, Bill Hartzer is the perfect person to be an expert witness for your lawsuit or litigation. Mr. Hartzer has a very broad range of SEO expertise. As an expert witness, it’s important to have not just a small amount of experience. He has worked as in-house as an SEO and webmaster for a major telecom software company, as an SEO expert at internet marketing and digital marketing agencies, and as an SEO consultant. Mr. Hartzer is currently an SEO expert witness in several ongoing legal cases at the local and federal level.

  • SEO experience counts. Bill Hartzer has over 20 years.
  • Know your subject.
  • Keep up with the Search Engine Industry. It changes frequently.
  • Practice SEO as your full-time job.
  • Write and publish industry articles regularly.
  • Have current SEO Expert Witness experience.

SEO expert witness Bill Hartzer

Bill Hartzer is an industry-leading SEO expert.

SEO Experience and SEO Expert Witness Experience Counts

In order to be an effective, honest, and authoritative SEO expert witness, experience in the industry is a must. An SEO expert, if used as an independent witness in legal issues, must have actually practiced Search Engine Optimization in multiple capacities. Mr. Hartzer started his SEO career in the mid-1990s, even before Google existed. He was optimizing web pages and driving traffic to websites from search engines before Google was born as a company, and before links were an important search engine ranking factor.

An SEO Expert Witness Must Know Their Subject

Not only should an Expert Witness know SEO methods, tactics, and strategies inside and out, that SEO expert needs to have actually used both white-hat SEO, gray hat SEO, and even black hat SEO techniques. They need to fully understand and be able to explain web server technologies, the techniques that companies use to manipulate search engine results, and the ins and outs of negative SEO. Mr. Hartzer is that person, that SEO expert.

Expert Witness SEO Proof

With over 1,000 articles and blog posts written on the subject of Search Engine Optimization and internet marketing, Mr. Hartzer is not only thoroughly read by thousands upon thousands of others wishing to learn SEO, he has proven that he knows the industry well. Not only has he written SEO-related articles as and SEO expert, he’s been hired as a witness in seolegal cases recently, and written expert testimony documents and rebuttals that have been introduced in seolegal cases.

In 2004, Bill Hartzer founded the Dallas/Fort Worth Search Engine Marketing Association, that started with his hand-picked list of 16 fellow SEOs in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Providing monthly meetings and events to members and non-members, this organization has grown over the years to hundreds of members and attendees at their annual State of Search conference, held in Dallas once a year.

Expert Witnesses

Other SEO expert witnesses seem to be “full time” expert witnesses, providing expert witness services more often than actually practicing in the industry. Mr. Hartzer is quite the opposite, having practiced organic search engine optimization and search engine marketing for over 20 years, and actively practicing SEO, social media marketing, and working with domain name issues daily. You can see this specifically in Google’s search results for search queries such as “SEO expert witness”. Others do not have the search engine optimization expertise to rank well for that and related keywords organically, so they must pay for search engine listings using Google AdWords, now called Google Ads.

Social Media Expert Witness

Before social media was hip and cool, Bill Hartzer was using social media type websites, bulletin boards, blogs, and message boards to drive traffic to websites. He has over 16,000 followers on Twitter, hundreds of thousands of followers on Google Plus and Facebook combined. He has been a social media fanatic for years, always posting, promoting, and sharing Tweets, Likes, and building his online social media presence. No one else is fully qualified to provide social media expert witnesses for your pending litigation, lawsuit, or legal issues.

Domain Name Expert Witness

In order to fully understand all of the potential issues involved with internet marketing, SEO, and social media, the expert witness you hire must understand domain names. Not only is Mr. Hartzer fully involved with the domain name industry in the buying and selling of domain names, he recently created the first-ever background check service for domain names, called Verified Domains. Mr. Hartzer’s patent-pending technology is used as the back-end of the service.

SEO Consultant

Bill Hartzer is currently a search engine optimization and digital marketing consultant. He has provided his industry expertise to companies worldwide, from small businesses to Fortune 100 companies during his career. He has even provided search engine marketing and SEO services in 9 different languages.

Search Engine Optimization is Difficult

SEO and digital marketing used to be, back in the 1990s, a lot “easier” to perform. You simply optimized the web pages that you wanted to rank by writing title tags, writing meta tags, and added keywords to your web page. However, over the years, Mr. Hartzer has been seen it all–the changes and complexities that have evolved. Now, search engines such as Google use literally thousands of signals to decide how to rank one particular web page in their results. With customization, privacy, and artificial intelligence having been added in the last few years, it makes it increasingly difficult to properly optimize one web page and make it show up well in the search engine results.

Not a Full-Time Expert Witness, Which is Good

Mr. Hartzer isn’t a full-time expert witness, which actually is a good thing. Someone who is a full-time expert witness doesn’t have the time to keep up with all of the search engine algorithm changes, updates, which is imperative for this type of job. As a full-time Search Engine Optimization and Digital Marketing Expert first, and part time Expert Witness, Mr. Hartzer is familiar with all of these issues–it’s his job to keep up with the changes in the industry. He is, however, able to fully explain all of these changes, updates, and search engine ranking issues to anyone–especially if relied upon as an expert witness. Bill uses his previous technical writing background (he wrote software manuals on IBM mainframe computers back in the early 1990s) to explain technical search engine issues to everyone, even those without a technical background. Oftentimes, web server, IP address, and domain names issues are involved in SEO litigation, and Mr. Hartzer has the expertise to research, analyze, and provide expert opinions on these issues.

So, if you hire Mr. Hartzer as an SEO Expert Witness for your upcoming or current litigation or legal issues, there will be no question as to whether or not he qualifies as an expert on the subject. In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find an expert witness that has more experience.

Online Reputation Management Expert Witness

Mr. Hartzer has helped a lot of individuals and companies with their online reputation management issues. When someone or another company writes negative things about your or your business, it can show up online in the search engine results. Oftentimes these things are not true–but can cause a big disruption in your business or ruin your reputation. These often become litigious, and lawyers must become involved. Mr. Hartzer provides online reputation management services, and has been providing these services for over 10 years. He has the expertise to research, talk, write about, and provide his expert opinion on these issues.

As an SEO expert, Mr. Hartzer is the perfect person to provide you with his expert opinion as an SEO expert witness. For a detailed resume or CV, as well as the industries and topics Mr. Hartzer has provided services in, please contact him.