Ongoing Monthly SEO Services

Hartzer Consulting’s ongoing monthly SEO services are 100 percent ethical, and include the following SEO tasks. We’ve found that this are the ideal search engine optimization strategy for the majority of businesses with a website:

  • SEO audit 1st monthSearch Engine Optimization audit the first month.
  • SEO ImplementationImplementation of SEO audit findings.
  • Keyword ResearchKeyword Research based on SEO audit info.
  • ContentContent recommendations and creation.
  • SEO Optimize each web pageOptimize each web page of your site.
  • ethical link buildingNatural, ethical link building.
  • Local SEOLocal SEO if necessary.
  • Brand monitoringBrand monitoring.
  • SEO Monthly reportingSEO Monthly reporting, if requested.

Our Strategy for Monthly SEO Services

A proper strategy for ongoing search engine optimization almost always must start with an SEO audit of your website. In order to properly determine what your website needs, and what we should focus on, we need to do several things, which are included in an SEO audit:

  1. Determine the current status of the website.
  2. What issues the site has that need to be fixed.
  3. What keywords the site is ranking for.
  4. Where traffic is coming from.
  5. Where leads are coming from.
  6. Where the site is doing well.
  7. Where the site is lacking.

Before we even begin to think about regular SEO services, we need an SEO audit. Once we have these details from an SEO audit, we need to understand the goals of your business and your website. Is it to drive leads for your business? Is it just informational? Is the goal to get traffic? Once we have all of these things, an SEO audit will include a plan for going forward. Typically, this includes listing technical issues the website has, as well as what needs to be done in the future. That’s where regular search engine optimization comes into play. We determine your needs and what is actually needed to rank well in the search engine result pages (SERPs). Then, we use that as a plan and strategy for your business going forward.

Typically, a technical SEO audit is done the first month—then the SEO Audit’s findings are implemented. It’s then around the third month that the website is ready to implement the SEO strategy.

SEO Deliverables Before Ongoing Monthly SEO

There are several deliverables. The SEO audit is done, and a written document is provided. Typically this will also include several spreadsheets, as well. A written list of tasks to implement the audit’s findings is provided. A timeline for implementation is provided. A search engine optimization strategy going forward is provided, usually with a plan for weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly tasks and goals.

That set of SEO deliverables is imperative to creating a unique SEO plan for your ongoing monthly SEO services. Without that customized SEO plan, which is a result of an SEO audit of your website, you’re just a template.

Deliverables After The Technical SEO Audit

Once a complete technical SEO audit is completed and we’ve reviewed the issues, there are several deliverables. All of these are important to the success of your search engine optimization strategy for your website:

  • Review and schedule the search engine optimization tasks and issues discovered in the SEO audit. We discuss the issues and make a specific plan and timeline to deal with each of these issues. Some issues, for example, might take less than a month to complete, like dealing with 404 errors, redirects, or other on-page and on-site issues that are fairly minor in nature. In that case, those can be completed initially. But others issues many take months or even years to complete. So, scheduling these are imperative to getting on schedule and completing the tasks. Those tasks can take up little or lots of the continuing regular SEO tasks.
  • Keyword Research and Content. Analyze the keywords the site is ranking for and keywords that you should be ranking for. Sometimes the keywords that you’re wanting to target are possible to rank for because the content doesn’t exist yet on your site. Start with a smaller list of keywords, and review these keywords on an continual basis, even if it’s 12 times a year, quarterly, or annually.
  • Create a plan for your site’s continuing content. What content will you add regularly to reach your traffic and keyword ranking goals? Add content based on that plan.
  • Review the site’s backlinks on a regular basis–which new links were added, which did the site lose? Are the links pointing to the new content that’s being created? Do the links help with the overall search engine optimization plan and strategy? Work on the links regularly to reach those goals.
  • Review the social signals pointing to your site and your site’s content. Are the social sites like Facebook and Twitter bringing in traffic? Are they sharing and reading your posts on your website? Monthly, make sure that each post and even the evergreen content on your website is being shared socially.
  • Determine which reports, if any, are needed on a regular basis. Hartzer Consulting believes in accountability for the work we do–but reporting shouldn’t be so heavy and time consuming that it’s taking away from the actual work being done every month. Some clients are happy with being able to see a ranking report or just review the Google Analytics data in real time. We’re not going to spend a day or two preparing reports. We’d rather be spending that time working on the SEO–and actually doing work.

Specific SEO Deliverables are a Must

Having a plan and SEO strategy is a must–and we must stick to it if it’s going to work. But we’re NOT going to tell you that we do thing like submitting to directories, social bookmarking, article submissions, and press releases. Would you believe that these are outdated search engine optimization techniques, considered to be spam, and actually violate Google’s Webmaster Guidelines? Yet some of the top-ranking websites for keywords like “ongoing monthly search engine optimization” pitch that they still do those techniques for you regularly. They’re hurting your site more than they’re helping. And, in my opinion, it’s unethical to say or do those things that violate Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, like build spammy, low quality, or free links to a website.

Ethical SEO is a Must

What’s the difference between ethical search engine optimization and unethical search engine optimization? The search engines have gotten a lot smarter over the years. That means that many of the SEO techniques to manipulate search engine rankings are now outdated. They’re unethical. They don’t comply with Google’s acceptable webmaster guidelines. Unfortunately, a lot of unethical SEOs still exist–they’ll take your money but never deliver the results you expect.

Unethical SEO Agencies and Their SEO Practices

One SEO agency is even promoting the fact that “Your site is submitted to the most popular and trusted online directory of them all DMOZ.”. Unbelievable! DMOZ is actually a website that no longer exists! They even say that “High quality articles, containing optimized links to your site, are created and submitted to the top article directories”. That directly violates Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, and is considered spam–those are the very links that we try to get rid of on a regular basis during the link tasks we do regularly as a part of our SEO plan and strategy.

Your Business and Website Isn’t a Template

Your business and your website is unique. Marketing your website absolutely cannot be marketed through a pre-set template of marketing tactics. Other search engine optimization firms and agencies will simply apply set of SEO tactics to your monthly SEO and their search engine optimization, thinking that those SEO tactics will work for every business that hires them. That’s actually how many SEO firms and SEO agencies are profitable: they have pre-set templates and marketing techniques that they use to optimize and apply to all of their clients.

SEO Strategy

There are times when you need to hire an agency or digital marketing firm to help provide overall strategy. There are times when you need to hire an SEO Consultant because your search engine rankings all of a sudden have taken a dive–and traffic from organic search is way down. I certainly do not recommend hiring a search engine marketing (Pay Per Click PPC firm) to handle your website’s SEO. They may say that they can do your website’s search engine optimization as well as your PPC, but are they really experts? I personally know the SEO industry very well, having been involved with DFWSEM (I founded the organization back in 2004).

Keyword Research Is Key to a Great SEO Plan

Keyword research and analysis is one of the most important parts of online marketing. Sometimes we don’t realize just how much of a difference it can make in the overall success of a search engine marketing campaign or even the success of an online business. In fact, it’s my belief that the keyword phrase–the term that a searcher types into the search engine when they’re searching–can make or break online business. Target the wrong keyword phrases and an online business is destined to fail.

Keyword research and creating a list of “keywords” that you want to rank for is helpful–but you shouldn’t be relying on that as a KPI or Key Performance Indicator in any SEO campaign.

After The Technical SEO Audit

Like we’ve already mentioned, it’s important that a full technical SEO audit of your website be completed initially. We always perform an audit before providing continuing SEO or search engine optimization consulting on retainer. It includes keyword research and always ends with a strategic plan for going forward. A plan that leads helps us know what to execute on a regular basis. If you hire Hartzer Consulting for your ongoing SEO, then we will perform an SEO audit the first month, and begin executing our unique plan for your business going forward. To meet your unique business and website goals, it can take anywhere from months to years, depending on the industry you’re in and the amount of competition.

Did We Say an SEO Audit is Important?

SEO isn’t an exact science. If it were, then you could just learn the “template” for SEO, learn it yourself or apply it yourself, and you wouldn’t need an SEO consultant. In fact, after doing SEO for more than 20 years, I’ve learned that that’s why so many companies fail at search engine optimization: they hire a cheaper alternative, someone or an SEO agency that applies an SEO strategy template to your business. That’s why your SEO is failing, why you don’t get what you pay for. Your business is not a template, so stop treating your marketing and SEO as if it’s just like every other website or business.

Proper SEO Needs a Custom Plan

When it comes to doing search engine optimization one-time with an SEO audit or breaking it up into ongoing, such as paying for continual SEO services, each as pros and cons, so let’s learn more about your options. For example, if you are in good shape generally and ranking well, then you may want to just do an SEO audit to see what your options are. But if you are not sure, then we recommend SEO ongoing, which would include an audit the first month, which will be the start of the SEO service and SEO services for your website. You’re not limited to signing a contract for search engine optimization, Hartzer Consulting provides both types of services.

Are you looking for regular, continuing search engine optimization services? Contact us and let’s talk about it. We actually answer the phone.

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