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Over the years, I have been gathering my best search engine optimization tips, and have turned them into articles and blog posts. I love sharing information about search engine optimization, and which will help you optimize your website not only for the search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing, but make your website a better experience for your visitors. I’ve been writing SEO tips since 2001, and am constantly updating them–or adding to my SEO tips. That’s one reason why you might consider my monthly SEO services. SEO is always an ongoing task–it changes all the time, so you’ll need someone who knows the industry and keeps up with the SEO best practices, just like I do.

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Below are links to all of my search engine optimization tips, articles, and blog posts. As I add more, I’ll keep this list updated on a regular basis. All my search engine optimization tips, all in one place.

Do you Know what your Reputation is Online? Review your Links and Find Out
It is very important that you know what your link reputation is. Many consumers are quite diligent in doing such an investigation before they buy something online. It doesn’t matter how good your product or service is or the price… if they can’t find good information from other consumers about your business they won’t buy it. There is just too much of a risk that it will be a road to disaster.

Content is very important if you want your website to be attractive to users and you want to rank high in the search engines, like Google. However, the volume of content that you have isn’t nearly as important as the overall quality of it. This is where many people make a mistake as they fail to optimize what they put on their web pages, so the miss the ideal opportunity to improve SEO efforts.

Check Your External Links
When was the last time you checked all of the external links on your web site? Who are you linking out to?

Include Keywords in URLs
Your keywords are a great tool to reach potential customers, so make them a priority. However, you should do more than just have those keywords in your tags and your text. They should also be found in your URLs.

How to Remove a Web Page from Google
This search engine optimization tip has to do with removing a page or a specific URL from the Google search engine.

Check the Whois on Your Domain Name
For this search engine optimization tip, let us talk about the Whois and the data that it contains.

Expand On Your Best Website Content
This SEO tip has to do with looking back at your web site statistics and looking at your website’s history to see which content is best. Just like a hot air balloon, you have to put more hot air into it. Acquire more content (the warmest air you can find) and add it to expand your web site’s overall number of pages.

Add a Breadcrumb Trail
For this search engine optimization tip, let’s talk about adding a breadcrumb trail to your site’s navigation. A breadcrumb trail, put simply, is a set of links on your page that lets users get back to where they came from–or go to pages that are ‘higher’ in the architecture of your site. For more information about what exactly breadcrumb trail navigation is, take a look here or here.

Check Your 404 Errors

Check your website server log files for 404 errors. Google Analytics is not enough. In fact, you will not find 404 errors by looking at Google Analytics, or even in Google Webmaster Tools.

Why Image Alt Tags are Important
For this particular search engine optimization tip, let’s review your image Alt Tags and putting keywords in your Alt Tags.

And, for a bonus, here are 5 SEO Quick Tips.

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