Negative SEO Removal Consultants

What is SEO? It’s how we optimize our websites to ensure that they are search engine friendly and rank well in the search result for our keywords. But for some keywords, it’s very competitive. In fact, it can be so competitive that it’s downright nasty: that’s where we have to deal with negative SEO, when a competitor will try to do bad things to their competitors’ websites in an effort to get their competitors to rank below them. This can include creating content that’s negative, posting negative fake reviews about your business, or creating links. Here’s an even better explanation, dealing with negative SEO:

Dealing with Negative SEO

Then there’s the whole issue surrounding Negative SEO. That’s when competitors of yours will resort to anything they can possibly do to get your website to rank below theirs in the search results. They will do things like create lots of bad, low quality, inappropriate links to your website. They think that by creating links to your website (bad links), your website will go down in the search engine results. Or, might even get banned in the search engines for having bad, low quality links. We’ve been victims of negative SEO campaigns in the past, to this website. We know what it’s like.

Hire an SEO Expert to Remove Negative SEO

Companies and individuals hire us (and Bill Hartzer) to help clean up negative SEO attacks on their websites. It can be frustrating and time consuming, especially if the links keep coming, over and over again, week after week. The process of dealing with Negative SEO involves identifying all of the links and then disavowing them with Google and even reaching out to webmasters and website owners to get the links removed. Do you have time to do that? Most likely not.

Your time is better spent running your business.

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