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Do you have 360 View photos of your business, both interior and exterior photos? Looking for a way to show your potential customers online that they should visit your location by giving them a virtual tour? If you’re a local business, chances are that your potential customers (and your customers) have searched Google using their mobile phone. They’re looking for a business like yours, whether it’s a restaurant, retail store, or other service-type of business. Giving them a virtual tour, a 360 degree photo of your store, your location, allows them to see your business like never before.

I took the following 360 degree photo in a client’s dental office:

I’m a Google Trusted photographer, providing 360 degree photos of interior and exterior photos of businesses. I cover the Colorado Springs, Colorado area.

The following is a 360 degree photo of the interior of a brand new home (new home construction):

Whether the 360 degree virtual tour is just outside of your business or if it’s inside your business, providing something more than just a photo is important. And, most likely your competition doesn’t provide virtual tours of their local business. Your website visitors can see these photos if you embed them on your website. You can post them to other websites, as well. If you see the photos on a desktop or laptop computer, you can drag your mouse on the photo and see your business virtually. If you’re using a mobile phone, you can use your finger to drag the photo around. But, if you are on a mobile phone, you can literally turn around and see the 360 view photo come to life. Finally, if you have use a Virtual Reality viewer, such as Google Cardboard, you can view the photo in 360 degrees, as well, for even a more submersive virtual reality experience.

Google Trusted Street View Photographer

For Google’s Street View, I contribute 360 view photos on a regular basis, and have Google’s Trusted Photographer status. Take a look at my current Google Street View photos. I’m uploading new photos all the time, so be sure to check back to see all of my recent Google Street View photos.

Here is a 360 photo of the inside of Market Street Nest, a boutique retail store:

Where Can You Post 360 View Photos?

There are several different places, online, where you can post 360 view photos of your business. Once the photos are taken with a 360 degree high resolution camera, the photos essentially are computer files, just like other digital photos. However, just like the photo of Tractor Supply Co that I took above, you can post them on your website. You can also post your 360 view photos on your Facebook page, where your people who view your Facebook page or follow your Facebook page can see them. I can also post your 360 view photos on your Google local listing. They can be posted, by you, on your Google My Business page, as well.

If you’re in the Colorado Springs, Colorado area, get in touch with me and I’ll schedule a time to take a 360 view of your local business, both inside and outside.

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