Technical SEO Audit

A technical SEO audit is just that—very technical in nature. Bill recommends that a technical SEO audit be performed before ongoing SEO services begin. Technical SEO audits leave no stone unturned. Bill Hartzer uses tools such as web crawlers and a multitude of other tools to review the website’s pages—both how they are loading and performing, and how the site’s visitors are interacting with those pages.

Google provides webmasters and website owners many tools to help review the website, and Bill Hartzer has his own set of proprietary tools in order to pull the proper data from the website and it’s web analytics. When it comes to an SEO audit service, however, one can pull a lot of data—but it’s extremely important to make sure that the person review that data knows what it means. There are issues that Bill Hartzer can spot that can lead to a quick recovery of website traffic—and then there are issues that Bill Hartzer may spot that issues that will cause problems in the future. During the SEO audit, all of the issues are uncovered and identified, and Bill makes a list of these issues.

Technical SEO audits take time—and can take anywhere from 10 hours to 60 hours to complete.

SEO Deliverables

There are several SEO Deliverables. The Technical SEO audit is done, and a written document is provided. Typically this will also include several spreadsheets, as well. A written list of tasks to implement the audit’s findings is provided. A timeline for implementation may be provided, depending on who is implementing any changes and recommendations provided.

The following is a detail of the actual deliverables. These will include a combination of documents, spreadsheets, and at least one follow-up phone call to go over the delivered documents and spreadsheets, and answer questions.

Below is a preliminary outline (Table of Contents) of the document that will be delivered, in the form of a Microsoft Word document or PDF. Typically, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets are included, as well, which includes all of the gathered data.

Current Rankings And Analysis
Website Crawlability
404 Errors, 301 Redirects other server issues
Keyword Strategy
Content Strategy
On-Page Factors
Title Tag Issues
Meta Description Tags
Heading Tags
Image Alt Attributes
Miscellaneous Issues
Internal Links
External Links
Overall Recommendations
Strategy Going Forward

Ongoing Monthly SEO Services and SEO Consulting

While Hartzer Consulting specializes in technical SEO audits of websites, we also provide SEO consulting services, on a retainer basis. We always prefer to begin all new projects with a technical SEO audit to find out the issues that need to be addressed. Contact us today to find out more about our monthly SEO services and how we can help you reach the goals for your website.

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