Why SEO and Social Media Sites Go Hand-in-Hand

Since the rise of social media sites, many have believed that the need for SEO is now dead. However, this is hardly the case, and choosing to believe that SEO is no longer needed could have dire consequences for your business.

Visibility is still the primary goal of all online businesses. Without it, there is just not a shot that your business will succeed. Companies must maintain the top spots in the search engine results pages if they wish to attract new customers, and they won’t be able to do so without adequate SEO.

Google and other search engines haven’t forgotten the importance of good content, and are now penalizing websites which are writing only for keywords or contain only purchased links. The raising of site standards has actually made SEO even more necessary. Although the use of social media sites has somewhat supplemented traditional search, it hasn’t completely replaced it. Nearly 80 percent of all consumers still check out a product or service online before they choose to purchase it, and many of those internet users go directly to Google or Yahoo to help them conduct their search.

Without a doubt, the techniques needed to maintain visibility have changed. Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter have made gaining a larger audience easier, and online companies must hold accounts on these sites if they wish to succeed. However, choosing to focus on social networking sites over SEO, or SEO over social networking sites could leave a company vulnerable to brand damage. Social media sites and SEO should work together to increase a business’ visibility, protect the company’s brand, and effectively market products or services.

Because of the complexities now surrounding proper online reputation management which involve a heavy hand in both SEO and online social networking, many online businesses are choosing to hire an SEO Company to many the behind-the-scenes work for them. SEO companies are fully capable of increasing and maintaining a business’ web presence, providing detailed analysis of your target market, and creating strong and relevant site content.

SEO isn’t dead. Its function has just evolved. Don’t overlook SEO simply because Facebook, LinkedIN, or Twitter seems like an easier way to increase visibility. You’ll need both to keep your company afloat, and ahead of the competition.

Ongoing Monthly SEO Services and SEO Consulting

While Hartzer Consulting specializes in technical SEO audits of websites, we also provide SEO consulting services, on a retainer basis. We always prefer to begin all new projects with a technical SEO audit to find out the issues that need to be addressed. Contact us today to find out more about our monthly SEO services and how we can help you reach the goals for your website.

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