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Why You Should Consider Hiring a Dog Walker

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One of the most basic but important responsibilities of owning a dog is making sure it gets enough exercise, including time outdoors. For dog owners who work during the day, it can be a challenge to provide the amount of walking time that dogs need. Being walked, with or without a leash, provides a dog with both exercise and the discipline to respect its boundaries. A professional dog walker is an excellent option for a pet whose owner who is pressed for time. [...]

February 26th 2011
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Purchasing Dog Doors for Your Home

Dog doors aren't difficult to install in your house. Dog doors usually include detailed instructions and for just about any house owner, like myself, who is just a little bit useful, will not have any difficulty installing a dog door. You do, nevertheless, need to determine on the good spot ...
September 25th 2010
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How to Choose the Right Dog Trainer

Because dog trainers are a dime a dozen (there's no certification required to become a trainer), you will find a couple of really good dog trainers, in any one place. Got K9, a Las Vegas Nevada dog trainer, trains all breeds of dogs, including Labrador Retrievers, German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Doberman, right ...
March 3rd 2010
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How to Compare Pet Insurance Providers

Pet ownership in today's challenging economy is no longer a simple matter of picking up an adorable puppy, kitten or other future "family member" from a shelter, pet shop or breeder. The expectation of coasting through several years of companionship with just the costs of food and maybe an annual ...
February 9th 2010
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Top 10 Medical Conditions in Dogs for 2009

Unfortunately, even if you do everything to keep your dog healthy, just like us humans, your dog can have an unexpected medical issue. While in most cases something that "just comes up" like this is rarely life threatening, many of the medical issues that come up on a whim can ...
May 18th 2009
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Top 10 Cities in the United States to Vacation with Your Dog

DogFriendly.com has introduced their list of the most "dog friendly cities to visit" in the United States. I'm assuming that this means that it's great to visit those cities with your dog (we prefer to bring our labrador retrievers), but not live there. In the list, they talk about visiting ...


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