SEO Expert Bill Hartzer Interviewed on CBS News

Bill Hartzer on CBS 11 TV

Hartzer Consulting’s founder and CEO, Bill Hartzer, has been interviewed on CBS Television News. Considered one of the country’s leading Search Engine Optimization experts, Hartzer interviewed by CBS 11 TV about a recent President Trump tweet. President Trump tweeted that Google in particular, is biased when it comes to showing certain news outlets in their search engine results pages.

President Trump Google

CBS 11 TV’s Jack Fink turned to Hartzer Consulting’s SEO expert. Mr. Fink wanted answers to common questions about how search engines work and whether or not it’s possible that a search engine, like Google, can be biased. Mr. Hartzer told CBS 11 TV’s Jack Fink:

He says he doesn’t believe Google itself is biased and says search results depend on the what the user types and the content that pops up. “It’s a reflection of what’s going on right now.”

Hartzer Consulting doesn’t believe that the US Government has the power to regulate search engine results, and we don’t think it’s necessary to regulate the search engine results. Google’s search engine algorithms use hundreds of factors to determine the best search results for someone’s search query. Sometimes that means looking at a user’s past history of searches, as well as their location, and other personalization factors. This provides the most appropriate search results for that particular person. Search engine results can vary.

See the CBS 11 TV interview and read more about what Mr. Hartzer told CBS.

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