Hartzer Consulting Named Exclusive Broker for Large Home Inspection Domain Name Portfolio

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Hartzer Consulting has been recently chosen to exclusively broker a large domain name portfolio of 500 domain names. About 400 of the domain names are in the Home Inspection niche, with the majority of them including a city name along with keywords such as home inspection, home inspections, home inspector, or home inspectors. Some of the domain names include BeverlyHillsHomeInspector.com, LAHomeInspectors (LA for Los Angeles or LA for Louisiana), LouisvilleHomeInspection.com, and MiamiHomeInspection.com.

Ideally, these domain names will make it into the hands of home inspectors who are actively performing home inspections in their city or location. For example, what’s a more appropriate domain name for a Miami Home Inspection company or home inspector than MiamiHomeInspection.com? Many of these domain names have not been available on the open market for quite some time, so home inspectors or home inspection companies in the USA and Canada should take note of the names that are available.

Ways to Use a Domain Name

What can you do with a domain name? There are actually several things that you can do with a domain name, including parking the domain name, using it for a website, or redirecting it to your current website. We recently outlined all of the ways you can use a domain name in a blog post.

For these particular domain names, which are home inspection related, we recommend one of the following:

  • Move your existing website to the new domain name. It’s fairly easy to move your website to a new, better domain name. You can keep the same exact content and email address. Your web host can move the content to a new domain name, and you’ll then set up a redirect from the old domain name to the new, better domain name. Moving to a keyword rich domain name can also have good benefits for a business, including better search engine rankings.
  • Redirect the domain name to your existing site.. Rather than moving your website, you’ll redirect the new, better domain name to your existing website. While it won’t help your search engine rankings, you’ll be able to keep that domain name out of the hands of your competitors. If you choose to move to that new, better domain name later on, you can still do that.
  • Start a new website on the domain name. A third option would be to start a new website on the new, better domain name. Leave your existing website alone, and use this new one for a new website. The new website (even if it’s a one-page website), can have enhanced benefits like using it for PPC (Pay Per Click) ads, driving traffic and sales leads to the new domain name.

If you have any questions about usage of a great keyword rich domain name, feel free to contact us. If you’re interested in any of the following domain names for purchase, let us know.

Home Inspection Domain Names for Sale

The following domain names are for sale exclusively through Hartzer Consulting. The buyer pays any necessary Escrow fees, unless other arrangements are made. Domain names on the list below will be marked as “Pending” or “Sold” when sold. Other similar names may also available, please inquire.

The list of domain names as been removed, as they are no longer for sale.

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