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The puppies pictured above are now sold, all lab puppies in this litter have gone to wonderful homes. See our Available Lab Puppies page for more information about getting a lab puppy of your own.More photos of these puppies are available on our Spring Litter 2007 page.

We have important information about the Dog Food Recall that you should be aware of.

Want to see one of our labrador retrieves in action? Watch the video
of our chocolate labrador retriever, named "Sky", retrieve a soccer ball:

Located in Mabank, Texas (about an hour southeast of Dallas, Texas), the Hartzers have been breeding Chocolate, and Black Labrador Retrievers (lab puppies) for many years. We've dedicated this website to our love of the Labrador Retriever and lab puppies. Here you can see our photos of the yellow, white, chocolate, and black lab puppies we have had available.  We're totally committed to our favorite dog breed, the labrador retriever. If you're looking for more information about labs, please feel free to let us know and we'll help you in any way we can.

We're located southeast of the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan area of Texas. We strongly suggest that before choosing a lab puppy you visit the labrador retriever breeder and get more information about the parents of the puppies. And before you make a Labrador Retriever a part of your family, make sure you take a look at our puppy checklist of things you should ask your labrador retriever breeder.

Black Lab Puppy - 14 weeks - Hartzer "Buckeye" is a male black lab puppy from one of our litters. He is 14 weeks old in the photo on the left and 6 months old below on the left. Photo bottom right he is one and half . "Buckeye" resides with his owner, Jon, in Cincinnati, Ohio.


All of our dogs (chocolate, black, and yellow) are registered with the AKC--the American Kennel Club. Some of our lab puppies are meant to be family pets, while others are OFA Certified and have extensive hunting bloodlines. If you are in need of a high-quality, fully trained Labrador Retriever for bird hunting, duck hunting, or search and rescue operations, we can try to put you in contact with a reputable breeder in your area.
black labrador retriever

Dog Portraits of Distinction
by Bob Bertram

If you want a distinctive portrait of your best friend call Bob Bertram at his studio. Let him paint a portrait of your labrador retriever that will be a lasting image of a wonderful companion. Please mention that you heard about Bob from the Hartzer website.

Bob Bertram
837 Pebblefield Terrace
Manchester, Missouri 63021
phone 636.256.7817

If you would like more information about our labrador retriever puppies or fully grown labs, please see our currently available labrador retriever puppies page for more information. We occasionally have trained labs as fully matured labrador retrievers available for adoption. We list them on our available puppies page. Some fellow breeders that we trust occasionally have litters--when they're available we list them, as well.

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Since we are absolutely not "in the business" to sell as many labrador retriever puppies as we can, we focus on the labrador retriever as a breed. Unfortunately, there are breeders out there who are "in the business" of breeding puppies. If you look on the internet today, you'll see individuals who have set websites that literally showcase their puppies as if they were "products" on a store shelf, even with product names and numbers. They've set up their "online shopping carts" where you can purchase a puppy online as if it were a product produced in a factory. And then there are those "back yard breeders" out there who have one-page websites with music and photos. We have photos on our website, sure--but we also have taken the time to put together a puppy checklist, coat color prediction chart, links to other labrador retriever related website and merchandise related to labs. And our website has been around for many years now--we're not going away any time soon.

We're not one of those so-called "breeders" who breed several breeds all at once. We're not one of those breeders who sells their lab puppies for thousands of dollars. And you cannot purchase a puppy online from our website. In fact, we require that you come here in person, meet us, and meet both of the parents of the lab puppy you're going to take home. After all, picking the right lab puppy is extremely important--it's going to be a member of your family for a long time.

We also have a friend who recently had blue heeler/border collie puppies.These puppies are no longer available.

We do not ship lab puppies and we do not recommend it--mostly because we feel it's very important for you take the time to see the surroundings, where the puppy was born, see our other labrador retrievers, and meet the parents of your new puppy. You'll see that they're some of the best in the world--at least we think so.

We try the best--we produce the best labrador retrievers and lab puppies available anywhere in the world. And to make sure we keep these rigorous standards, we do not "produce" labrador retriever puppies like some other so-called breeders you'll find out there on the internet -- we wait until the time is right and the father and mother of each litter is ready. By buying a Hartzer's Labrador Retriever, you know you are getting a quality Labrador Retriever puppy. We take extreme pride in our labs and our reputation. Just ask anyone who has ever dealt with us or any of the proud owners of one of our puppies.

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