ReShare Your Best Evergreen Content for Even More Search Engine Traffic

Do you blog posts or articles that you’ve written that could be considered to be evergreen content? Is that content extremely time-sensitive or is it just good content that’s really not tied to a date and time? If your content isn’t news, then most likely it’s content that you could reshare. As a result, you’ll end up with even more traffic to your blog or site, and resulting in more links and, potentially, better search engine rankings.


Take a look at the content you’ve written or added to your site within the past several months. Is that content, article, or blog post something that is a tip, or a “how to” article? If you come across that tip or that how to article at a later date, would it still be true and correct? If so, then it could be considered to be evergreen content: content that you can share again on your Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, or LinkedIn account: which would then result in more traffic and better search engine rankings for that content.

On my blog, I usually write several different types of blog posts. Some of those posts should actually be pages versus posts, and that’s where sometimes I fail to remember one simple rule:

If it’s timely or newsworthy, then make it a post. If it’s not, then it should be a page.

You’ll notice that this content, which I consider to be more of a “how to” type article that will be useful even 6 months from now, is posted on my site as a page, and not a blog post. I’ll still share it as if it was a blog post, but it will stay on the site as part of the site’s navigation, and will be part of the content on my site.

Evergreen content, since it’s not necessarily going to “expire” (‘expire’ meaning that it will be old news after a few days), can easily be shared again and again, especially on Twitter. You see, we all are on Twitter at different times each day. We typically follow a lot of people. And, if you post a Tweet, most likely all of your followers won’t see it. Only those who are on Twitter right now will see what you tweet right now. So, there will inevitably be people who miss it. Tweet it again, and other people will notice it or people who’ve seen it before will forget they saw it.

If it’s great content (like all of articles and content are, of course, ha!), then there’s a good chance that if you share it again on the social sites it will get seen for the first time again. And you’ll get tweets and shares and traffic all over again, as if it’s a new article.

So, let’s do a few things to figure out what you can share again, and what you should share again:

Is the content evergreen content? You can share it.
Is it timely? Is it news or newsworthy? You probably shouldn’t share it.
Do your tips or “how to” items still work? You can share it.
Was it popular when you posted it? You can share it.
Did people reshare it or retweet it before? You can share it.

Take a look at your Google Analytics or web analytics for the past 6 months. Look at the most-visited pages on your site. Are there certain articles that you feel were your best? Then make a list of those URLs.

I typically like to take the list of my best content from the past several months and put into a social media sharing tool such as Buffer or even Twitter (tools that allow you to schedule your content) and set those articles to be reshared. Some apps like Buffer will even give you analytics and show you which Tweets or shares did the best. Yep, recyle them and reshare them.

By resharing your best content, especially if your content is evergreen in nature and is still valid, true, and a good “how to” article or “tip”, will get reshared or retweeted as if it’s a new article or post. The only thing I would watch out for is resharing this content over and over again too much: I would wait at least a month or longer before you reshare it again, as your followers might remember that you’ve already shared it recently.

So go ahead, and reshare. Recycle. Reuse. And enjoy the retweets, new social followers, and traffic all over again.

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