Keyword Research

Keyword research is a process by which Bill Hartzer uses tools to determine what keywords (search queries) people are typing into the search engines to find the services or products that your provide. If Bill knows what people are searching for and how often they’re searching these keywords, Bill can make recommendations to create content on your website to meet those needs. If you have content on your website that mentions these keywords, the searcher will typically find your website easier—and then click through to your website, finding the information they’re looking for. That can lead to someone filling out the form on your website or buying a product or service that you offer.

Bill Hartzer has access to very sophisticated keyword research tools that show us what people are searching for, how often they’re searching for it, and where your website shows up in the search results for certain keywords. Bill Hartzer tracks your most important keywords, and makes changes to the SEO strategy based on how well those keywords are performing (and where they’re ranking).

Initially, Bill Hartzer will ask you for a list of your most important keywords. The keywords that you’d like to show up for, the keywords that best describe your business products or services. While this is not necessary, it’s important that Bill Hartzer has this information so that they can better understand your business and the goals for your website. Even if it’s only a small list of 5-10 keywords, those will help.

Keyword research may or may not be included in an SEO audit of the website. Usually, keyword research is provided before an SEO audit is done, and then included in the SEO audit’s strategy section of the final SEO Deliverables. Certain recommendations will be based on the keyword research, which could include targeting certain keywords by creating certain types of content on the website.

Keyword Research and SEO Deliverables

There are only a few deliverables when it comes to keyword research. Bill Hartzer asks for a list of keywords from you. Bill Hartzer uses that list to come up with a more extensive list of keywords. Bill asks that you review this list and provide feedback. Once Bill has feedback, Bill may change the list again and ask for more feedback. Bill then works with you to decide on a main keyword list, and start tracking the performance of those keywords. During the ongoing SEO monthly services, Bill may add or remove keywords at any time.

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